CV Review

A decent CV helps to win the chance of your interview.

A super long CV doesn’t mean you are fit and experienced, but a plain CV is definitely not good. Both are BORING.

We know how it goes. Let us help you. 

Tips on making CV

Imaging you are the HR looking at numbers of CV every day. You will be bored and picky, right? Therefore, making an attractive effective CV is the key to win. Here are some tips from us.

Say No to auto-made CV and stay in PDF

Using auto-generated CV from job platform is absolutely a bad idea because the style is old-fashion and sometimes the format is messy as well as your email will be replaced by their domain which makes HR difficult to reach you.

It is suggested to select your favourite resume template in MS Word to talior-made a CV. Don't forget to save as PDF format before sending out.

A SMART profile picture adds the point

Having smart profile picture adds bonus to your CV. In this generation, an ID-card style photo is not enough and a selfie is highly NOT recommended. How to be SMART? Why not ask our Talent Manager.

Be a Story Teller supporting with proof

Of course you know yourselves the best. However, can you organize and present all your experience and expertise precisely?

Sometimes it’s the sense. To learn this sense and skills, it can take much more time than you think.

Still not sure?

What about sending your CV to us and we help you take a look at it? No worry, we promise to keep your data confidential unless your consent is given.